Meet the team

Allina Dolor
Software Engineer

Party parrots are appropriate for all occasions.

Amanda Beiner
Software Engineer II

I’m sure I don’t want to know why this doesn’t have tests.

Ignacio Ojanguren
Software Engineer

I quality checked this bar of chocolate, and it is just as good as the other ones!

Jeff Johnson
Principal Architect

No, not coffee. I’m going to need something stronger.

John Careaga
Senior Software Engineer

It should have a dragon. Or a T-rex. But make the close button bigger.

Joshua Lopes-Baptista
Associate Software Engineer

The Nas to Jay-Z ratio in this office is too high.

Michael Chu
Software Engineer II

Don’t program standing in front of the fridge, you’ll get -75dBm at most.

Patrick McLaren
Engineering Lead

I had a nightmare that it needed to integrate with Salesforce. Using coffeescript.

Peter Cai
VP of Engineering

This? This should only take 15 minutes.

Reef Loretto
Software Engineer

I joined Privy to steal Mike’s vim config.

Steven Tenaglia
Software Engineer

expect(‘yankees’) include(‘talent’)