Interviewing for a startup job can be grueling, confusing, and demoralizing even when the process is going smoothly.

Last year, we made an internal effort to adopt more of the practices that we, as candidates, would like to see. Now that we're hiring again, we're publicly committing to these standards:


  • We're going to give all candidates the opportunity to present their best selves. We understand not all candidates work well under high pressure live coding exercises or whiteboarding problems. Therefore, every candidate will have the option to assemble code samples, personal project demos, open source contributions, or take home problems to present as part of a job application.
  • We're going to remove some biases from our system - this includes anonymizing schools (and in some cases, prior companies) so we can focus on the training and experience that a candidate has.


  • We'll do our best to personally respond to every applicant. This includes applicants that we decline to interview for an initial screen.
  • Once you begin interviewing, we'll do our best to communicate at least once every 7 days, so you always know where you stand.

These commitments will consume time and energy. It will be harder to do than not do, and therefore require conscious effort. At the end of the day, we want Privy to be known for being a great place to work and interview. We hope that this gives all candidates the confidence to apply.